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Lisa M. Ford

For several years before starting a private practice, I worked as a clinician at community-based mental health clinics, nonprofit and private practice groups in Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania. 


As a clinical social worker, I am passionate about helping children, adults, couples, families, and immigrants in healing and improving their quality of life. 


My expertise focuses on facilitating a therapeutic process that creates harmony between one's mind, body, and soul.  

 My treatment approach integrates a broad range of interventions

influenced by evidence and trauma-based theories, cognitive behavioral, humanistic-existential, and alternative therapies.   

My clinical interests and areas of expertise include trauma recovery, health and self-care, mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, DID, domestic and sexual violence, parent training, LGBTQ, and cultural and feminist intersectionality.


My style is empathic and non-judgmental.  I tailor treatment to meet each individual's unique goals and desires. Choose your goals, we will work together to determine the roadmap to healing, harmony, and wellness.

Lisa M. Ford
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C, LCSW, LICSW


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